Your child will be placed in class based on his/her age as of September 1st of the school year. 

18-24 Month Old Class

  • Teacher student ratio is 1:6
  • Practice with water colors, finger paints, play dough, holding crayons
  • Practice colors, shapes, counting, and the alphabet
  • Uses songs to teach sharing, patience, and other life skills
  • Incorporates song and play to teach simple Bible lessons
  • Uses tangible items for hands-on active learning during Discovery Learning Time
  • Focuses on using the senses to learn about the world. Come see, touch, smell, and listen with us!

2 Year Old Class

  • Teacher student ratio is 1:8
  • Enjoy painting, coloring, and much more while learning shapes, colors, numbers and the alphabet
  • Music and Bible stories are incorporated into the curriculum
  • Explore the world around you during Science Discovery
  • Students will have many hands-on learning experiences
  • Reinforce classroom behavior through center play
  • Works on grip to lay the foundation for writing skills


3 Year Old Class

  • Teacher student ratio is 1:10
  • Curriculum reinforces numbers, letters, shapes, colors, months, days of the week, and months of the year
  • Learn the  letter sounds for pre-reading
  • Learn about the seasons
  • Learn to play in cooperative centers
  • Teaches basic classroom skills
  • Introduces writing letters, numbers and child's name
  • Uses Handwriting Without Tears
  • We work on proper pencil grip
  • Improves skills such as cutting, gluing, and sorting during Art Studio and Science Explorers time

4 Year Old Class

  • Teacher student ratio is 1:12
  • Class is designed to prepare students for entry into kindergarten
  • Reinforces past curriculum
  • Focuses on writing letters and numbers during Writer's Workshop
  • Uses Handwriting Without Tears
  • Work on basic math skills such as sorting, matching, ordering, one to one correspondence, simple addition
  • Introduces sight words for beginning reading
  • Get creative during Art Studio
  • Become a Science Explorer with us as we start to learn how things work
  • Introduces basic Spanish words and numbers 1-10